What Your Employees are Doing That Can Harm Your Company’s Reputation

By |July 27, 2021|

For many employees, there is often the incorrect assumption that their actions online are entirely private. Many companies monitor their employee’s actions to ensure a positive corporate reputation is maintained, especially online reputation. No employer wants to have to exercise their public relations crisis management procedure in response to unintentional or [...]

How many cases of sextortion are there within a year? How can I avoid it?

By |July 20, 2021|

What is Sextortion? Sextortion is a form of sexual exploitation. It is basically blackmailing someone with the threat to expose sexual images in order to make a person do something. explains that, “Sextortion begins when a predator reaches out to a young person over a game, app, or social [...]

Am I Addicted to My Phone?

By |July 20, 2021|

By: Meghan Mathias Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days, meaning a phone is more than just a phone, it’s a lifeline. GPS, social media, staying in contact with friends and family, getting rides to places, staying safe, etc. Our lives are shaped around our smartphones, and this can [...]

How to Avoid Clickbait

By |July 20, 2021|

By: Meghan Mathias Have you ever been scrolling on Youtube and realized that the title of every video on the trending page seems too good to be true? Did that dog really learn how to sing Adele? That person really won the lottery and actually wants to give all of [...]

What can you do to help prevent an addiction to social media?

By |July 20, 2021|

By Madison Forster Social media can be a great tool for connecting with friends and family. A healthy amount of scrolling through your newsfeed can’t hurt you, right? “A 2012 study from Harvard found that sharing personal information on social media taps into the "reward" center of our brain, triggering [...]

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