Your Role in Combating Internet Crimes Against Children

2022-08-16T12:02:49-04:00August 16, 2022|Blog|

Recently, Savvy Cyber Kids had the opportunity to host a booth at the Crimes Against Children Conference, where I attended several sessions organized by the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. There were over 5,600 law enforcement officers and child care advocates that specialize in Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) in attendance. [...]

Support Savvy Cyber Kids and Get a Chance to Win a Tesla!

2021-09-29T17:54:01-04:00October 31, 2020|Blog|

Fundraising has always been a challenge for non-profit organizations, especially small 501(c)(3) non-profits like Savvy Cyber Kids. Add the events of 2020 on top of everything else and we needed a new way to fundraise that will help us to continue to develop new and updated learning materials for parents [...]

Have an impact where YOU live, Volunteer with Savvy Cyber Kids

2020-10-07T16:12:20-04:00October 8, 2020|Blog|

Savvy Cyber Kids exists to enable youth, families and school communities to be empowered by technology. We believe that the adults in young people’s lives have a responsibility to guide young people with a comprehensive cyber safety and cyber ethics education. After all, today’s youth are growing up in a [...]

Savvy Cyber Kids Featured in New York Times Cover Story

2020-02-10T16:04:11-05:00January 31, 2020|Blog|

2019 ended on a high-note for Savvy Cyber Kids as we were featured in a cover story in the Sunday, December 8, 2019 edition of the New York Times, Video Games and Online Chats Are ‘Hunting Grounds’ for Sexual Predators. It was a surreal feeling to see a story that discusses [...]

Cyber Ethics Conversation Starter for Back to School

2019-08-07T14:19:25-04:00August 8, 2019|Blog|

Back to school is almost here and our kids are getting ready to greet the new school year with excitement and anticipation. As our kids get older, we hope that some of the earliest lessons from preschool years are still remembered, lessons like ‘be kind to others’ and ‘treat others [...]

Georgia Considers Bill on Preventing Cyber Bullying

2019-05-20T12:09:31-04:00June 12, 2019|Blog|

On March 26, Ben Halpert, Savvy Cyber Kids’ founder, gave testimony before Georgia Legislature’s House committee in support of HR 553, which would create a House study committee on cyber-bullying. Ben told state representatives, “Those wishing to cause our children harm now have more effective ways of doing so. The [...]

Put on Your Cape, We Need Your Help!

2018-10-13T20:07:52-04:00November 8, 2017|Blog|

Since 2007, Savvy Cyber Kids has been fighting to keep our kids' digital playgrounds a safe place to play and learn. No doubt, the online world is littered with dangers and pitfalls that we need our kids to understand so that they can thrive online. Savvy Cyber Kids first began [...]

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