Viral Posts: The Good and the Bad

2023-07-03T13:30:09-04:00August 29, 2023|Blog|

By Jasmine London-Thomas Background Info: You may have come across a video that has gone viral on your favorite social media platform when you log on. As a matter of fact, it can sometimes lead to good things like videos showing people doing good deeds, but at other times [...]

What is ChatGPT and What Are Its Effects on Privacy?

2023-07-03T13:30:04-04:00August 17, 2023|Blog|

By Megan Farnam ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by startup company,  OpenAI. ChatGPT is built on top of an algorithm called GPT that OpenAI began developing several years ago. GPT predicts the words that should follow a prompt based on a statistical analysis of trillions of lines of text [...]

Why Banning Smartphones at School Sends the Wrong Message to our Kids About Digital Citizenship

2023-07-03T13:29:45-04:00July 18, 2023|Blog|

By Tylar Bloch Schools across the country are tightening up their policies to minimize smartphone use, ranging from full-fledged smartphone bans to stricter guidelines around what constitutes permissible smartphone use during school hours. Research done in 2020 by the National Center for Education Statistics suggests that smartphone bans were implemented [...]

An Uncertain Vision (Pro) of the Future

2023-07-03T13:33:05-04:00June 29, 2023|Blog|

By Tylar Bloch Apple certainly delivered on their commitment to surprising and delighting consumers when they introduced the Vision Pro earlier this month. The Vision Pro was presented as their first “spatial computer”, which overlays the user interface onto the physical world, and aims to populate our field of [...]

Exposure of Internet Dangers to Young Children

2023-07-03T13:30:21-04:00June 20, 2023|Blog|

By Stephanie Olson With technology constantly advancing, it is almost impossible for children not to be exposed to it at such a young age, even 93 percent of children ages two to four spend at least some time on a mobile device (Klein, 2022).  It is probably the best [...]

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